Some yummy cupcake flavours

Vanilla cupcake with Buttercream and sprinkles
  • Vanilla: Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Toppings added
  • Chocolate: Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Toppings added
  • Cookie Monster: Vanilla or Chocolate cake with buttercream. Covered in blue sprinkles or buttercream with a mini cookie in his mouth
  • Banana: Banana cake with cream cheese frostings. Toppings added
  • Red Velvet: Red Velvet cake with buttercream and topped with sugar decorations
  • Hummingbird: Banana, Pineapple and Coconut cake with coconut buttercream. Topped with shredded coconut and/or sliced banana
  • Cookies N Cream: Chocolate cake with Oreo bits. Bottom of cupcake is a mini Oreo and on top of the buttercream is another mini Oreo
  • Salted Caramel Carrot Cake: Carrot cake topped with buttercream, drizzling of caramel and sprinkle of salt
  • Peanut Butter Lava Fudge: Vanilla cake with hot fudge sauce and peanut butter frosting. Topped with sprinkles and/or chopped peanuts and/or melted chocolate
  • Rollo’s: Chocolate chip cake with caramel buttercream. Topped with ganache and Rollo’s
  • Nutella: Hazelnut cake with Nutella buttercream. Nutella and hazelnuts for topping
  • Maltesers: Malted vanilla cake with crushed Malteser buttercream. Topped with broken Maltesers
  • Pistachio, Raspberry and White Chocolate: White Chocolate cake with Raspberry goo inside with Pistachio cream
  • Caramel Apple: Cinnamon apple cake stuffed with caramel, cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Sugared apple cinnamon as decoration
  • Lemon: Lemon cake with lemon zest buttercream
  • Personal Preference: Tell me what you are looking for
Salted Caramel topping with Chocolate cupcakes